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About Us

‘Metalstyle’ Ltd. produces and installs unusual metal products, decorative coverings and constructions .Its products are unique, manufactured from ferrous, non-ferrous and unoxidizable metal according to the client’s project. The company has the capacity to produce standardized metal elements and small objects. Its activity is engineering and production. ‘Metalstyle’ Ltd. was created by merging two sole trader companies ‘Hristo Kondov’ and ‘Ivo Asenov’.

‘Metalstyle’ Ltd is a trustworthy competitive in its field company and is highly flexible in respect of engineering, construction and technical solutions. The company is experienced particularly in finding solutions to non-standard projects. It has a wide scope of production and activities.

The founders and owners of ‘Metalstyle’, eng. Hristo Kondov and eng. Ivo Asenov are graduates of Technical University Sofia. They are experienced and capable professionals that manage to successfully realise specific technical and construction tasks. The company’s ultimate aim is to produce items that are of the finest quality, both visually and technically.

‘Metalstyle’ is client-friendly orientated and provides good service ; keeping clients satisfied is its utmost priority. The ‘Metalstlye’ team is energetic, hardworking, and produces unique elegant and refined metal ware.

The company has operated for more than 12 years now and has proved itself a worthy choice for VIP clients, with high exceptions and requirements. It provides quality products, professionally produced , capable of fulfilling complicated tasks and keeping deadlines.


Original materials and technology

Combinations of different decorative inoxidizable metals, as well as combinations of metal with glass, wood, stone, ceramics, enable ‘Metalstyle’ to create numerous interior and exterior modern and classic designs. Metal gives many possibilities as a material and ’Metalstyle’ can utilise it majestically, combining luxury looks with practicality.

‘Metalstyle’ uses a new-generation of techniques and metals in its production-decorative relief inox sheet metal, chains and pipes produced by the following companies: ’Bogner-Austria;’Erato’-Italy;’ Sandvik’-Sweden etc. It also uses links and chains produced by ‘Jacob’, and high quality paint and metal produced by ‘Oikos’, ‘Aregini’,’Glasurit’ etc.These have been chosen as the best quality products to help achieve the maximum result for clients.

Tехнологии и авангардни материали

Business partners and clients

‘Metalstyle’s main principles are respectable treatment of our clients and partners and responsibility to deadlines and commitments; Amongst our partners and clients there are prominent contemporary professionals and companies in the field of design and architecture; they can guarantee ‘Metalstyle’s quality work. ‘Metlastyle’ works with: -architects: RA Tania Glebova, RA Raimondo Flakomio, RA Krasimir Pavlov, RA Sevdalina Nedeva, RA Dora Kostova, RA Dimitar Diulgerov, RA Boqn Zahariev, RA Krastio Krastev , RA Dora Todorova, RA Boqna Hadjistoqnova, RA Vesela Canova, RA Boqna Haralanova, RA Borislav Borisov, RA Nadejda Chengelieva etc. -partner: Linder’,’GBS’,’Gamma Design’,’Forest’, Valian’,’EGS Proekt’,’Bogdan mebeli’,’Globalconcept’,’Bogner Bulgaria’,’Wurt Bulgaria’,’Erato Holding’,Haglaiter’,’Rapid’,’Franke Bulgaria’, ’ThyssenKrupp -Jupiter Stomana’,’Metakom’,’Freecom BG’ etc . -clints:’Overgaz’,’Maisons’, Denyl’,’Bulgartabak’,’Bulbank’,’Chelopechmining’EAD,’Avendi’,” Vassilevi Bros ‘,’Lazurit’,’Kalvacha gas’ etc.


Our projects

Hundreds of small and big projects, some of the major ones are:

  • clubs ‘Mono’/glass walls with metal construction, canopy bar, non-standard furniture etc.; ’Cacao’-metal constructions and covering (stairs, hanging glass-metal platform, columns, bar-terrace, and six bars; ;
  • administrative buildings “Overgas”: interior of entrance foyer (covering of columns and walls, information desk and hall(ceilings, columns, walls))
  • public buildings International exhibition centre ‘Bulgarreklama’( column covering) “Soravia center Sofia ‘( stairs rails) “Helpman –Sofia’’- complex”, Megahim-Ruse-(columns)
  • hotels ‘Novotel Plovdiv’(wall covering ,floors and decorative ceilings) “Viva”- Sunny beach (bar and covering),many private hotels, etc.
  • hospitals ‘St Ekaterina’- equipment ‘Vision’ private eye surgery hospital (covering and inox furniture) ‘Derma vita’
  • cafes ‘Sofia land’( tables and chairs, Metalstyle design;) “Stuciko” (tent and covering) ‘La capanina’( platform interior and exterior elements)
  • restaurants ‘BBQ’,’ Uno’;’Degeia’;’Classic’,etc. -shops ‘Cartier-Bulgari’; ‘Dupont’ ;’El Grado’;Maison’s’; ’G.Marini.’;’Miss sixty’;’Textile holding Doverie’in TSUM’;’Glasurit’;’Energy’;’Studio B52’;’Fresh’;’Catwalk’;’Purple’;’Roberto Botticelly’;’Gant’;’Denyl’;’Esko’Mall-Sofia,Varna,Plovdiv and kiosks and offices of ‘Bratia Vasilevi’;
  • hairdressers ‘Amor’(furniture) etc.
  • exhibiton areas ‘Bulgartabak’-‘Tabexpo-Paris 2007 (conters)
  • offices ‘Chelopech mining’ etc.
  • Private homes Meticulously carried out projects with high quality durable materials, and aesthetically designed,that prove ‘Metalstyle’s’ expertise.

Activity and profile

Metalstyle’s main activity is in the service field, producing non-standard metal ware for individual projects. The projects can be classified in 5 main groups:

decorative coverings and constructions;

metal stencils, elements and accessories;

miscellaneous metal objects, restorations and decorations

interior and exterior equipment;

metal advertisement elements.

More detailed:

Stairs and rails and handles – straight, winding and other irregular shapes ,with metal framework and steps made of metal, glass, wood, stone or ceramics; elements for stairs and railings.

doors :decorative, with emblems, armoured, glass etc ; roller and section doors

barriers: grids, fences, glass walls, decorative and advertisement displays, barrier-furniture;

Metal coverings: public places or private homes , framework or decorative equipment ( full or partial ) - shops, offices, hospitals, laboratories, hotels, clubs, restaurants, beauty saloons ,private homes

furniture and elements - for home and public places interior/exterior: furniture for kitchens, offices, shops, hotels clubs, restaurants, hospitals, laboratories; etc.

Metal objects .accessories, restorations and decorations; non-standard metalwork :counters and clothes hangers, levers, shelves, cornices, boxes ,safes, post boxes, medical boxes, protection boxes, stands for TV sets and speakers, cupboards and shelves for AV equipment; metal boards, frames; doors for small openings, grids and other build-in elements, as well as miscellaneous.

Metal constructions: awning and shop windows. tents, pergola. Advertisement tables and signs. Combinations of light metal constructions with different purposes glass covering of balconies ,metal platforms and pools;

Metal coverings : for fireplaces (chimneys, extractors, pipes for extractors),bar, worktops, stairs,walls,columns,ceilings,platforms,awning,windowshops,facades etc.

Metal processing services and sales of metal materials on a small scale-cutting and bending of metal sheets and pipes, welding small-scale services, engineering.

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